Upcoming activities of academic year 2016-17

  • Shloka Chanting
  • Puppet Show
  • Project Work
  • Grand Assembly
  • Day Celebration
  • P.T.M
  • Quiz
  • Green Day
  • Poem Recitation
  • Independence Day
  • Rakhi Making
  • Teachers Day Celebration
  • Elocution Competition
  • Janmashtami Celebration
  • Navratari Celebration
  • Hindi Divas Celebration
  • Clay Moulding
  • Card Making & Diya Making
  • Diwali Celebration
  • Sports Day
  • Group Song
  • Cooking Experience
  • Creative Writing Competition
  • Picnic
  • Annual Function
  • Rangoli Competion
  • Declamation
  • Best Out Of Waste
  • Self Teaching Day
  • Run For Fun
  • Christmas Celebration
  • Republic Day
  • Kite Flying Celebration
  • Fancy Dress
  • Hand Writing Competition
  • Holi Celebration
  • Graduation Day

House System

The students of the school are allotted to one of the four houses, i.e, Sardar, Nehru, Gandhi & Subhash. The house System is an integral part of our school and helps to in grooming a balanced personality house master, leads the house and is directly responsible for the discipline and general well being of the members of the house. Regular inter house competitions are held through out the year in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities which foster healthy competitive spirit.

The Prefectural System

The students council is encouraged to manage their affairs independently, Though under the guidance of staff members. While the School captain and head girl serve as the link between the school authorities and students community.

Celebrated Events & Activities

  • 24th June - VIP Champs red day celebration
  • 24th June - Calligraphy workshop for stundents
  • 26th June - Election
  • 28th June - Poem Resitation
  • 28th June - VIP Champs Drawing Exhibition
  • Kid's marathon- 2012
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Orientation programmes
  • Councelling programmes for parents
  • Competions for Mothers
  • Red day celebration
  • Blue day celebration
  • 15th august celebrations
  • Mom's day celebration
  • Teachers training programme
  • Plantation
  • Assembly