Idp Grooms the Future Sports Stars

Sports is always an indispensable part of education system. We on behalf of IDP school always an indispensable part of education system. We on behalf of IDP school always try to excel and motivate the hidden talent of our students in the different sphere of sports.

We congratulate all the students and their parents for their great achievements & encouragement.

“Sports and study are not disjoint, they are cardinal IDP proves it all the way.”

  National Level Pancholi Aditya(Cricket)
    Patel Ankita(yoga)
  State Level Maharul Dhwani (yoga)
    Paladiya Rohan(yoga)
Athletics competition 2015-16
  Under -14 Boys
  Name Event Rank
  Patel meet Ashwinbhai 80m hurdle run 1
  Fulwariya Hitesh G. 600m Running 1
  Patel Yaksh J. Shot-put 1
  Suthar Kishor R. Long jump 1
  Patel Nishit Discuss throw 1
Under -14 Girls
  Thakor Apexa 600m Running 1
  Patel Dhrushti 200m Ruuning 1
  Chaudhary Dharmistha Discuss throw 1
Under -17 Boys
  Patel Harsh A. 200m Running 1
  Patel Harsh A. 100m Running 1
  Suthar Nilesh M. Javelin Throw 1
  Patel Gunjan Three Leg Jump 1
Under -17 Girls
  Patel Krima R. 1500m Running 1
  Karnavati Dharti S. Shot-put 1
  Patel Jiya 400m Running 1
  Modi Hashti 800m Running 1
  Patel Jiya 100m Running 1
  Parekh Prachi Javelin Throw 1
Under -19 Girls
  Vachheta Tanvi K. 100m Running 1
  Vachheta Tanvi K. 400m Running 1
  Gandhi Yatri Shot-put 1
  Morvadiya Urmi R. 200m Running 1
  Morvadiya Urmi R. 1500m Running 1
  Patel Vidhisha 3000m Running 1
  Patel Vidhisha Jalad walk 1
Achievements 2014-2015
  National Level Patel Aayush -Cricket (Matchs)
    Lautiyan Achal - Badminton
  State Level Patel Foram – Yoga
    Patel Ankita – Yoga
    Paladiya Rohan – Yoga
    Mahul Dhvani - Yoga
    Patel Janvi – Net Ball
    Thaker Visham – Silambam
Achievements 2013-2014
  National Level Patel Aayush -Cricket (Matchs)
  State Level Patel Janvi – Net Ball
    Patel Janvi – Silambam
    Thaker Vishvam - Silambam
Achievements 2010-2011
Achievements 2009-2010
  Horlicks competition – Folk Group Dance – 1st Prize
  Inter School Yoga Competition – Jinal Patel + Janu Patel – 1st Rank
  Girls and boys team won Zone level Volleyball tournament
  Our Yoga team won district level championship
  Secondary section boys bagged the first prize for inter school dance competition
  Primary section’s students won district level dance competition organized by Rock Your Feet Group
  Jinal Patel won state level Yoga Competition
  Our young Kho-Kho girl’s team won Zone level tournament
  Our young & strong Athletes Aditi Patel won district Mahila Open tournament
  • High Jump – 2nd rank
  • Long Jump – 3rd rank
  • 100 m. Race – 2nd rank
  Our young dynamic scientists were awarded the 1st position in district level
Under 14 district level winners
  Long Jump – 1st Aditi Patel
  Long Jump – 1st Aditi Patel
  High Jump – 2nd Trupti Patel
  Short Put – 2nd Hinesha
State level winners
  Yoga – Jinal Patel
  Karate – Jigar Shah
National level players
  Yoga - Jinal Patel is going to play National level Yoga championship
  Karate – Jigar Shah went to Harayana for National level Karata championship and won Bronze Medal
  Swastik Shishu Vihar
  Swastik Academy
  P.D. Patel Higher Secondary School
  Chandramauli School Secondary - Satellite
  Chandramauli School Primary - Satellite
  I.D.Patel College of Education (B.ed)
  I.D.Patel School - Motera
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